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Fall 2016

It breaks my heart to see you stay silent.  The world needs to hear from you. And you deserve to be paid well for your message.

It’s painful to watch so many great messengers like yourself remain in the shadows. Lives could be changed. Millions could be helped. And your legacy could be secured.

I really hate “the system” we’ve been sold and subjected to. Basically, we’ve been told we have to speak for free a while, pay our dues, and then maybe we can earn the right to ask for the fee our message deserves.

The problem with that is it leaves you chasing gigs. Sharing your value without getting paid. While facing a long uphill road to impacting the world.

Even worse, you’re only as “fulfilled” as your next engagement. You’re only as rich as your next check. If your bookings dry up, your income dries up, and unfortunately, often your name dries up as well because you’re just not “getting out there” enough.

This means you may never truly live the purpose you feel on your life - to share your message with the world as you change and shape lives. It can leave you trapped in a place you hate. It can leave you feeling insecure and wondering if you have what it takes to leave a legacy worthy of your life.

I get that.

Twenty-two years ago my wife, Sherri, passed away in my arms. Our son, Sam, was only five weeks old at the time.

I knew the lessons I learned through this tragedy could impact the world, help them live intentionally, and create a life they love. I began sharing my message and I felt like I was doing what I was destined for.

The only issue was I could only share my story if I could find enough places to speak. If I wasn’t speaking I wasn’t getting paid. That stage became my cash register. And often it wasn’t ringing enough to pay the bills.

I knew I needed a system or a process that would let me share my message on or off stage. I needed to get paid regardless of the booking. And I needed to stop chasing events and have them chase me.

First, I dove in to see what most people were doing and here’s what I found…

#1 They joined Toastmasters or some other organization. Well, this is fine for learning the basics of speaking, but it doesn’t make you a great presenter. Plus, it doesn’t teach you how to get paid.

#2 They become part of a group like the National Speaker Association. NSA has really has great people and successful speakers, but the average member makes about $3000 per year from their speaking. This didn’t sound right to me or for me.

#3 They create a massive marketing kit. A one sheet is created. A speaker’s reel designed. A website developed just for speaking, Etc. But all these things cost money and rarely make money because…

#4 They mail and mope and hope. Most people send out their kits and then expect the phone to ring. It doesn’t work that way. The people using this type of angle are having to do massive follow up. It exhausting.

In a nutshell, what most people were doing sounded like a lot of work with very little return. Maybe you’ve tried some of those and it left you with doubt and asking yourself… do I have what it takes?

Plus most people can’t really pull that off, here’s why…

There are two levels in the world of speaking. Let’s call the lower tier the Chasers. They’re constantly searching for a gig and begging for bookings. They have to negotiate their fee and often have to speak for free. They are at the mercy of the meeting planner instead of being in control.

The upper level holds the Attractors. People seek them out. Offer them opportunities. And they get paid what they are worth. Not only that, but they get paid for far more than speaking (we’ll talk more about that later.) They spread their message and get paid whether they are on stage or not.

I wanted to live in the upper level and you should too!

Basically, that means we have to ignore the traditional teaching about paying your dues and focus on 3 shifts…

Shift from Chasing to Attracting.

Shift from Information to Transformation

Shift from Free to High-Fee

This let’s you focus on your purpose and reach the masses. So that’s exactly what I did. I put a process in play that turned the traditional system on it’s head. It allowed me to bypass all the strugglers, establish my brand, and get paid regardless.

One Message . Multiple Streams of Income

It's easier to operate from your central core than trying to piece together an expert business Frankenstein. MDK gives you the framework to create your million dollar model based on your intellectual property. It allows you to create monetize your message in multiple deliver methods. It gives you a keynote to share that naturally leads to your deeper offers.

Here's Why I've Agreed to Run the MDK Intensive

My goal with the Million Dollar Keynote Intensive (MDCI) is to SHOW YOU (side-by-side with me in the trenches) how to create a leveraged speaking business that allows you to dramatically increase your impact, while drawing a massive audience TO you instead of you chasing them!

The Million Dollar Keynote Intensive was created after it became clear to me that…

  • Too many experts/coaches/authors/speakers have great content, but they don't know how to make it a great message. Their ideas are stellar, but the packaging is hardly memorable & portable. 
  • Most feel that they are decent, maybe even above average presenters, but they are not seeing their clients and crowds light up with excitement.
  • Even worse, there are hundreds of people with mediocre content, far less talent, but they are booked solid and making money hand over fist. It just doesn't seem fair. And it's NOT. We are going to reverse that!
  • For the last 11 years I have been helping experts create killer keynotes and monetize their message. I’m going to share the very best of what is working for them (and me) in the Million Dollar Keynote Intensive.
  • I’m going to take a very new approach to teaching and learning and I think you’ll be in for quite a few surprises. You will immediately understand why MDK could easily be worth a million or more to you!

Message . Marketing . Monetize

Give me 2 days, and I’ll personally build you an expert speaking business that multiplies your income, impact and influence.

You see, behind closed doors, I've been working with an elite unit of experts in my Amplify program. We don’t just learn. We do. It’s not a seminar room. It’s a work room. For 2-days, I roll up my sleeves with my Amplify clients and we BUILD. We Build…

  • Marketing campaigns to grow their audience.
  • Keynotes & presentations that convert prospects into clients.
  • Systems to fill the calendar as much as desired.
  • Automated marketing machines that work 24×7 on autopilot.
  • Leveraged programs that multiply the bottom line
  • High-level landing pages and one sheets to wow planners.
  • Signature product creation and fulfillment.

But these Amplify strategies are only available to a carefully selected few. …until now.

This September, I’m running a 2-day Million Dollar Keynote Intensive in Dallas, to show you exactly how to create your MDK and own your industry and fill your stadium.

Experts – My clients – happily pay $6,000 for a 2-day training like this with me. But we’ve only just met, and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me the first time. I figure if I give you 2-days of my best strategies, there’s a good chance you’ll ask to work with me at an even more personal level.

So your ticket to the Million Dollar Keynote Intensive is only $997. Come. Learn. Implement. If you love it, and want more, you’ll know where to come. If you just want to take my strategies and don’t want to go any further, that’s cool too. There’ll be no problems and no hard feelings. All I ask is that if you Sign up: Show up. Seats to this training are limited. So if you take a seat, it means that someone else can’t.

All Killer. No Filler!

Here are the 9 projects we’ll work on at the Million Dollar Keynote Intensive.


Day 01 : Million Dollar Message

Content . Confidence . Connection

Do you have a message you MUST get out? A message that the world needs to hear? You know you do!

But there are three mistakes a lot of messengers (authors, coaches, speakers, business owners, leaders) are making over and over again...

#1 Great Concept Little Content

You may be the most knowledgable on the planet about your subject. You might have a heart touching story like no other. You might be an expert and authority in your field. But if you do not have applicable, actionable content... one no one will pay you. Two you can't build a million dollar business around a concept. (Even if you just want to get your message out and you don't care about money at all, it needs to have million dollar value.).

#2 Great Content Little Confidence

Once you have million dollar content, you need confidence. This comes from skill and structure. It comes from knowing the audience is able to remember your message and take it with them. How many forgettable speakers have you heard in your lifetime? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? With MDKi you'll use the framework for the two most powerful ways to present. First, the Perfect Presentation. Second, StoryCraft. More on both below.

#3 Great Confidence Little Connection

Today 100,000 WordPress blogs will be installed. Messengers will be posting, recording and spreading their message. 99.9% of them will remain invisible. The reason? Their message is ordinary and so it doesn't connect with the audience. MDKi takes your message from invisible to unavoidable by teaching you how to connect to the head, heart and hands of your audience.


Session 01: Million Dollar Content Builder

Session 02: The Perfect Presentation

Session 03: StoryCraft

Session 04: Connection Catalyst

Day 02 : Million Dollar Mission

Information . Installation . Transformation

Day 2 focuses on getting your message to the masses and monetizing it. You'll design your speaker fees and packages. Outline your Million Dollar Signature Product. Decide just how many personal clients you want to work with and what that looks like.

Your message deserves to be heard by millions. You need a strategy to get it out and shared around the globe. Day two gives you that blueprint!

Session 05: PAID

Session 06: The Product Potocol

Session 07: Proximity Progression

Session 06: The Amateur Agent

Session 07: Audience Attraction

One Focus. One Coach. 

You know how most events stack the schedule with speaker after speaker - all pitching something different? This ain't that. It's just you and me. No guest presenters. You get laser focused training with only one goal... your MDK.

Fall 2016

You're joining me Dallas, TX. Southern hospitality and great brisket! But you're coming to work, don't forget that! We're gonna push it hard and strong for two days.

Limited Availability: Reserve Now!

This is NOT a Mass Event. You Will Not Be Crammed in a Room with Hundreds of Others. MDKI is an INTENSive - and most events are filled with surface content, which is fine for the masses. We are going deep, however. This is a workshop  You will roll up your sleeves and get your MDK done. After registering I'll send you a list of hotels you may want to consider. They all have a free shuttle to and from DFW.

First, what does it cost you not to do this…

If you decide to stay where you are… you will always wonder the impact your message could have had on the world. You’ll suffer in silence as your purpose goes unlived, which leaves you feeling incomplete, mediocre, and insecure.

On top of that you’ll sit in the audience as you watch people with a far less message and less talent, share their message and get big checks.

Second if we spent the day together 1:1 going through the MDK Intensive. It’s $10,000 per day. So over two days that would be $20,000. It’s worth every dime without a blink. I make no apologies for that price tag.

However, as valuable as the MDK Intensive is I realize $20,000 isn’t within reach of most messengers. So as crazy as it might sound, how about a 1/10? That’s 90% off the VIP experience. Instead of $20,000 you can get the entire 2 day intensive for just $2000. That’s fair, right? And what if I said that if you will decide right now, today, you can secure your spot for only $997?

That’s not the first of 20 payments, that’s one payment and you’re done. Plus, You could double your invest with one booking or a couple of product sales.

So how am I to offer it at such a low price? Because it’s a group and not 1:1. It's a small group, but it allows you to access the complete MDK framework without the 1:1 investment.

If the only thing the MDK Intensive did for you was help you create the perfect presentation as the foundation of your business it would be worth it.

If the only thing the MDK Intensive did what help you get booked without the chase it would be worth it.

If the only thing the MDK Intensive did was give you the ideal way to create a $997 product of your own it would be worth it.

If the only thing the MDK Intensive did was to give you the confidence to pursue your purpose and share your message with the masses as you secure your legacy it would be worth it.

You don’t have to settle for just one one those is it does all of these things (and more).

If you order by the time the clock below hits zero, you will also get a 1:1 call with me after the intensive. We’ll spend 45 minutes by phone to make sure all your personal questions are answered and that your Million Dollar Keynote is completely in place. (If you decide not to do the intensive, but would like to do a call it’s only $497.)

Bonus 1:1 Call Expires In...

Million Dollar Keynote Intensive

$1997 Only $997

Register Now
3 Pay of $350

Let's Create Your MDK!

I can't wait to host this intensive! We are going deep and implementing. It's gonna be a blast and the most productive workshop you have ever attended. No doubt about it. Let's turn your microphone into a megaphone.

Speak with Passion!


Mary Ussery Mary Ussery, 31 Gifts

Thank you Paul Evans for an amazing weekend. Your program was outstanding and helped me see that this is only the beginning of what's to come. I am ready to live out my dream helping others SOAR!

Susie Miller Susie Miller

Incredible 2 days at Paul Evans MDKi - Million Dollar Keynote Intensive! Tons of practical content to craft a meaningful value driven keynote to bless others! And get paid! Awesome Content, Actionable Steps, Audience Engagement, Achievable Goals ! Amazing Event! (and Bacon!!) A well deserved Standing O for you Paul!!

Mike Alexander Mike Alexander

I just want to let you know that I had a lot of ideas running around in my head that I had no cohesiveness. Paul Evans helped me pull all of that together. He put the glue around it and helped me sort out my ideas. I’m ready with my own Million Dollar Keynote. Thanks, Paul!

Lain Ehmann Lain Ehmann

I’m at Paul Evans’ Million Dollar Keynote Intensive. I came all the way from Arizona because I knew if nothing else I would be fully entertained. Beyond that, Paul has an amazing ability to help anyone take a ton of information and put it into a structure that can be used for keynotes, for blog posts, even for your whole business. So if you have an idea, you have a message and you’re not quite sure how to structure it, get to one of Paul’s events. He will definitely help you out and help you move your business and your message forward

Tim Davis Tim Davis, The Marketing Evangelist

Let me just say this, if you’ve ever wanted to speak or maybe you’re speaking now and you don’t feel like you’re getting paid what you deserve, you have to come to the Million Dollar Keynote. Paul breaks it down simple, in an easy to understand format, with step-by-step instructions on how you can get more paid speaking gigs. So if you’re thinking about becoming a speaker or maybe you’re a speaker right now, you’ve got to make it to Million Dollar Keynote.

Angie Davis Angie Davis

I’m a new speaker, newbie, and I would like to say that he has just put the cookies on the shelf that I can reach and I can take it to another level. So if you’re thinking about doing it or you’re already doing it, it’s worth the time and the investment. Plus, I got my first booking on the flight home using Paul's "Amateur Agent" strategy!

Sue Painter Sue Painter, Confident Marketer

I’m loving this and if you know me very well you know I’m picky about the things I elect to come to, but I always learn from Paul. Whether you’re a newbie person who really wants to put together a keynote and get out there in the world with your message or whether like me you’re an experienced speaker and you just want to be able to focus in more on how to get paid and the right way to access corporations for your speeches, coming to Million Dollar Keynote will be worth your while.

Jerry Campbell Jerry Campbell

The thing that is the most valuable to me is he has helped me take different ideas and put them together into one clearer message, and that allows me to bring my uniqueness out and walk it out in a way that’s very practical that I can deliver value to other people and also earn an income from it.

David Perdew David Perdew, NAMS

We’ve had Paul Evans speak at NAMS probably a half dozen times or more. It’s been so many times I can’t remember. Anytime he does not come back I hear about it from our members because they really like having him there. I had to come to this today so I could really learn from the master about how he does so well in structuring his talks because there are such great conversations with the people in the audience. I love that about Paul. What we’ve learned here today has not only just changed the way I’m going to do the talks that I do but also about the ways that I actually set the boundaries for my business - the way that I work with other people. It’s just so much more than just building speeches. This has been a great 2 days of training!

Therese Sparby Therese Sparby

one of the things I really admire is how Paul Evans gets on the stage and he’s so at home. He’s so himself. He’s so inspiring and engaging but not from like a ‘I’m putting on a show’ sort of way...very much from an authentic human ‘I want what he’s having’ kind of way. As a business owner I like to follow people that I look at and I go: I love whatever they’re doing onstage. I need to learn from them. Paul is a brilliant master speech-giver. This Million Dollar Intensive has helped me structure my talk but also gives me insight as to how Paul gets up on stage and he’s just himself. So if you’re looking at wanting to create speeches or if you’re already giving speeches and you want to have that extra edge of what it’s like to be authentic onstage, check out Paul’s Million Dollar Keynote Intensive.

Register Now
3 Pay of $350