What Would It Take to Create a Million Dollar Business from a Single Keynote?

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This 39 point checklist will ensure you have the key elements for your million dollar speaking business. Simply check off what you have in place and then begin to work on the rest. Close the gaps in your business to open new opportunities and showcase yourself at the highest level.


You can create a Million Dollar Keynote using the 9 slots of the MDK Framework. Get clear on your message, marketing and monetization plan. Make the move from a struggling speaking business to a streamlined one. This overview will help you discover if MDK is right for you. If so, then be sure to download the checklist above to receive more public speaking training and updates about MDK.

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The Million Dollar Keynote Intensive straight from your computer! Every single aspect of the framework. Step-by-step. Members Click Here to Login


The Million Dollar Keynote Intensive is held twice a year and takes you step by step through building your MDK business. We cover every element worship style. Everything from building your keynote to your funnel to your exact income streams.

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